A Third E-Scooter Company Is Making Its Way To Boise

Jan 17, 2019

Currently, there are two e-scooter companies operating in Boise, but next month, another scooter vendor is expected to begin operations in the city.


Right now, e-scooter companies Lime and Bird are in the city. But a third company, Spin, has applied to start operations as well. They plan to bring scooters here starting next month.

Ariella Steinhorn, a Spin spokesperson, says that they want to bring scooters to Boise because of the city’s record for safety.

"Historically, Boise has been a very bike-friendly city, and the city has been very focused on ensuring safety and partnering with the operators closely to think about how people can ride scooters in the safest manner possible," says Steinhorn.

Steinhorn says Spin plans to participate in an event with City Hall focused on e-scooter safety and parking.

Mike Journee of the City of Boise says that he attributes e-scooter success in Boise to the vendors they’ve worked with closely before.

"We worked really hard to understand the challenges other communities have and we worked with the vendors to overcome those," he says.

Journee says once Spin’s business license application is reviewed, he thinks the company is likely to bring in 250 scooters, the maximum amount currently allowed by each vendor.

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