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City Club of Boise - Amending the Constitution

McKay Cunningham, Rep. Ilana Rubel and
Lisa Shultz
Boise State Public Radio
McKay Cunningham, Rep. Ilana Rubel and Chuck Malloy

The U.S. Constitution is one of the few remaining symbols that unifies our increasingly divided nation.
In 236 years, the Constitution has been amended only 27 times. It is purposely difficult to do and each of the 27 amendments followed the same process: 2/3 of each chamber in congress proposed changes and 3/4s of the states ratified those proposals.

But there is another way to change the Constitution, one that has never been used before. An Article V constitutional convention imagines that state legislatures propose changes to the document. It requires at least 34 states to petition for a convention. This year, interest groups have identified Idaho as a state that might petition for a constitutional convention.

Representative Ilana Rubel, House Minority Leader, 5th term Legislator from Boise
McKay Cunningham, professor of constitutional law at the College of Idaho
Chuck Malloy, longtime Idaho journalist and columnist

Latonia Haney Keith, College of Idaho

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