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Chad Daybell's murder trial has begun. Follow along here.

On the Wednesday May 2, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters:

Medicaid Expansion Efforts in Idaho . . . Boise Mayor Dave Bieter . . . Greenbelt Recovery . . . Boise Rock School Rocks!

- Reclaim Idaho has been collecting signatures for months in an effort to get Idaho to expand its Medicaid coverage. The petition to place expansion on the November ballot as a voter initiative was submitted yesterday with the requisite 60,000 signatures.

The organization is looking for a Medicaid expansion to cover more than 62,000 uninsured Idahoans under the Affordable Care Act; the state legislature voted down any bills exercising the expansion. Tracy Olson, a co-founder of Reclaim Idaho joins Gemma Gaudette to discuss her group's efforts in getting Medicaid expansion on the November ballot.

- Boise Mayor Dave Bieter joins Idaho Matters to talk about the explosive population growth, responsible and sustainable development and what the future looks like for the City of Trees.

- Boise's Greenbeltsustained massive damage as a result of flooding in 2017. Portions of the popular trail and the Foothills Trail were washed away, the county has just completed repairs. Doug Holloway and Sara Arkle, the director and Foothills and Open Space Superintendent at Boise Parks and Rec will be in studio to discuss the state of the Boise Greenbelt and other area trails.

- Remember your childhood dreams of being a rock star? Boise Rock School makes those dreams (almost) come true by teaming up kids and teaching the art of rock. From beginners to experts, the instructors will teach children to channel their inner-Jagger while instilling teamwork and fostering a passion for music. Co-founder Ryan Peck and education director Jared Goodpaster will talk about the programs coming up and the absolute value of rocking out.

Tune in at noon to catch all of Tuesday's conversations on Idaho Matters.

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