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Idaho Matters: Doctors Roundtable

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Idaho Matters: Doctors Roundtable

How concerned should we be here in Idaho about … well ... fill in the blank: monkeypox, measles, shingles, malaria. Is it safe to travel internationally? Should I be worried about malaria in Idaho? How does monkeypox spread? Will the Adderall shortage affect my child's ADHD treatment? What’s the latest COVID-19 variant and is there a booster shot for that?

Every Wednesday, the Idaho Matters Doctors Roundtable with Dr. David Pate answers your question to keep all of us better prepared for public health crises in our community.
A picture of an airplane wing.
Kirill Afonin
With the holiday season in full swing more and more people are traveling, which can mean a higher risk of getting sick.
An electron microscopic image of mpox virus particles.
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Gado via Getty Images
Alex E. Proimos
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Do you have questions about anything related to health care in Idaho?

Click here or email your questions to idahomatters@boisestate.edu.