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"Central America's Forgotten History" by Aviva Chomsky

Note: This is an encore edition of Reader's Corner. The episode originally aired in May 2021.

In Central America’s Forgotten History: Revolution, Violence, and the Roots of Migration, Aviva Chomsky answers the urgent question “How did we get here?” Centering the centuries-long intertwined histories of US expansion and Indigenous and Central American struggles against inequality and oppression, Chomsky highlights the pernicious cycle of colonial and neocolonial development policies that promote cultures of violence and forgetting without any accountability or restorative reparations.

Aviva Chomsky is professor of history and coordinator of Latin American Studies at Salem State University. A prolific author and editor of more than a dozen books and anthologies, Chomsky has been active in Latin American solidarity and immigrants' rights issues for over twenty-five years.

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