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Dreams To Jump Snake River Delayed, Not Dead

Big Ed Beckley's Facebook page

Despite setbacks this year, two different men say they still plan to jump the Snake River Canyon.

Texas stuntman "Big Ed" Beckley tells the Times-News he still plans to make the jump.

Beckley is a 63-year-old who's been jumping motorcycles since the mid 1970s. He spent $943,000 in a public state auction for the right to jump the Snake River Canyon. He told the newspaper, despite setbacks this year, he'll make the jump.

"Two weeks ago, I wrote a check to the State of Idaho for another year’s rent for our landing area,” Beckley said in an email to the Times-News. “We are going ahead with our plans to secure a broadcast contract and jump the Snake River Canyon with a rocket-assisted motorcycle in 2015.” - Times-News

Beckley canceled his plans to jump this year in August, after Fox Broadcasting dropped a deal to televise the event.

Fox also canceled plans to air another jump, by Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun and rocket builder Scott Truax.

Beckley and Braun want to jump the canyon to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Evel Knievel’s famous failed 1974 attempt. Braun was recruited for the jump by Scott Record and Scott Traux. Traux’s father designed the steam-powered rocket Knievel was strapped to in 1974.

Hollywood stuntman Braun also told the Times-News in a Friday article that his jump is still a go.

"Braun said the project is 95 percent set to launch. The rocket is ready, and the ramp is built on the north rim of the canyon near the Hansen Bridge. He and Truax are talking to advertisers, sponsors and broadcasters." - Times-News

Beckley says he is also looking to work out a multimillion-dollar broadcast contract.

You can watch Knievel's original jump below:

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