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Boise Greenbike Race Makes Some Changes

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Unlike in previous years, anyone can enter this year’s Greenbike Race at the Twilight Criterium. The race, which takes place right before hundreds of professional cyclists race around downtown Boise on July 13, will have cash prizes for the top three finishers in both the men’s and women’s divisions.


But there’s a twist: The prize money — up to $500 — must be donated to the charity of the racer’s choice.

The race used to be called the “Celebrity Greenbike Race." However, Director Dave Fotsch says the race was never really about the local celebrities.

“We thought it would be fun in the early years to attract celebrities to race and talk trash to each other on social media," says Fotsch. "Well, we have had our share of celebrities but honestly this has always been more about fun rivalry among friends."

Fotsch says he hopes that these rivalries, along with the chance to win money for charities, will elevate the Greenbike race to new competitive heights.

"We are hoping that the nonprofit community really embraces this, and we encourage them to go out and find a ringer, like a professional bike racer, to race for them and earn money," says Fotsch. 

The application asks prospective racers to provide an exaggerated description of their racing skills, as well as explain their passion for the charity they choose. Applications for this year's Greenbike Race are open online until June 28. Applications can be found here. 

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