Lonesome Larry

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Rick Bowmer / Associated Press

There likely won't be any Lonesome Larry's this year. The first sockeye salmon of 2018 made it to Redfish Lake Creek on July 26.

Lonesome Larry Hits 20-Year Anniversary

Jul 19, 2012
Aaron Kunz / EarthFix

This year marks the twenty year anniversary of Lonesome Larry, a lone sockeye salmon that made the 800 mile trip from the ocean to Redfish Lake in central Idaho. It helped jump start a multi-billion dollar effort to save Snake River salmon from certain extinction.

Lonesome Larry wasn’t a large salmon - in fact he was barely a foot long. Sockeye aren’t the largest species of salmon. An average Chinook is typically twice that size or larger. But Lonesome Larry didn’t care, he swam - upriver past eight gigantic federal dams, up raging waterfalls and past countless natural predators.