This 1,000 Foot Waterslide Could Be Coming To A Boise Street Near You

Aug 7, 2014

This is a promotional photo from Slide the City.
Credit Slide the City

How does sliding down a busy Boise street on a 1,000 foot waterslide sound?


Utah-based Slide the City is making plans to bring its giant waterslide to Boise. The event is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 6, and details are contingent on permitting. If approved, you may have the chance to slip-and-slide your way down Americana Boulevard between Ann Morrison Park and Kathryn Albertson Park.

A similar event just took place in Salt Lake City, and proceeds benefited the local Ronald McDonald House.

On Monday, Boise's Ronald McDonald House posted on Facebook that it too would be the recipient of some proceeds from a Boise "slide the city" event, and it was looking for 100 volunteers to staff it. After 2,529 Facebook shares, RMH received calls from more than 800 people hoping to volunteer.

The Boise Police Department, Ada County Highway District, and the City of Boise's Mayor's office weren't yet aware of the event.

Registration isn't yet open for the proposed Boise event, but watch this site for details.

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