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Idaho’s Attorney General says Western Union has agreed to a settlement that involves a series of scams and more than 2,000 Idahoans.

AG Lawrence Wasden says scams are very active in Idaho right now, and especially affect the elderly. Scammers contact their victims and often pose as relatives or officials from the IRS. They demand payment from the victim in the form of a wire transfer, such as through Western Union.

Wasden found more than 2,000 complaints by Idahoans to Western Union between 2004 and 2015. Victims reported losses of $2.4 million dollars.

IRS Scam Has Reached Epidemic Levels In Idaho

Mar 11, 2016
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Say what you will about the Internal Revenue Service, at least they won’t call you at work and threaten you with immediate arrest if you don’t give them money now. Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden says the IRS uses the mail. That’s an important distinction because nearly a million people nationwide in the last three years have gotten calls from someone claiming to be with the IRS demanding money.

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Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

Idaho lawmakers have sent a tax conformity bill back to the drawing board because it would have removed an unenforceable rule banning joint returns from same-sex couples.

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Tax identity theft is increasing across the country and Idaho is no exception. The number of cases of people using someone else’s name and social security number to file a false tax return more than quadrupled last year in Idaho.

In 2013, there were 74 cases of tax identity theft. Last year, that number jumped to 352 says Idaho Tax Commission's Doreen Warren.

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County officials who issue marriage licenses in Washington are gearing up for a possible influx of new applicants.

That's after Thursday's ruling by the Internal Revenue Service that gay marriage will be recognized across state lines for federal tax purposes.

The new ruling means for the first time there will be a financial incentive for same-sex couples in Oregon or Idaho to cross over into Washington to get married.

Courtesy of Sen. Mike Crapo's office

Congress held another hearing today on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal.  The IRS has revealed it subjected Tea Party and other conservative groups seeking non-profit status to extra scrutiny from 2010 to 2012.

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo sat in on two hearings yesterday where the matter was discussed.  He says in 2010 the IRS had created a BOLO or 'Be On the Lookout' list, instructing Internal Revenue agents to identify Tea Party case files. 

He says the abuse by the IRS is very serious.