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Monster Tale: Online Videos Announce Treefort Music Fest Bands

Credit Ben Molyneux
Daniel Fo dressing actor Yurek Hansen as the Treefort monster.

Organizers of Boise’s Treefort Music Fest released the names of more bands today. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and Animal Collective are the first headliners to be announced for the March 21-24 event. Festival planners are introducing the bands using quirky online videos.

The most recent video opens in a snowy forest, with a dapper gentleman in English riding pants nailing posters to trees. The posters read “Lost, Treefort monster, 6' 3", 560 lbs, Brown fur, stone head, sorely missed, reward.”

Suddenly, four friends rush into the forest. A furry brown monster chases after them, and the young man shouts out,  "Yield! Wayward wanderers!"

And with that, the young gentleman takes off after the others. He follows the four as they seek shelter from the monster in a low-lit bar. In the background, a track plays from indie Seattle band The Pharmacy.  

Zach Voss is behind this video. It’s the second episode in a series of videos announcing the bands coming to Treefort Music Fest. Voss leads Retroscope Media, a video production company in Boise. And he’s the one who writes, directs and produces this video series.

“The artist announcements have always been really popular," Voss says, "and so we wanted to pair that with a fun story that would give you another reason to follow the action.”  

The videos feature local actors, and are shot between Boise and Idaho City. Bronwyn Leslie is one of the actors. She’s in charge of performance art at Treefort. Leslie is also one of the local musical acts to be featured this year at the festival.

“It’s great working with these guys because there’s a lot of artistic freedom," says Leslie. "We have locations and we have an overall plot, but then we get a lot of freedom to create the characters that we want.”

Treefort organizers predict that in it's second year, the festival will grow with more bands and new indoor venues. One-hundred thirty-seven bands played at the festival last year. The next band announcement will happen January 30, and another video will follow in mid-February.  

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