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Changes In Federal Law Mean Idaho Taxpayers Are Receiving Smaller Refunds

Keith Srakocic
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The size and number of Idaho tax refunds are down this year, due in part to changes in the tax system. 

So far this year, the Idaho Tax Commission has distributed 20,000 fewer tax refunds than the same time in 2018. Around 157,500 refunds have been issued, down more than 11 percent.

The amount of the typical refund has also reduced by more than 17 percent. In 2018, the average refund was about $650. This year it’s $533.

The Commission believes these changes are due to federal and state tax changes in 2017 and 2018. Those changes mean many employers aren’t withholding enough in taxes from people’s paychecks. Employers can’t make the change, unless their employee gives them a new W-4 to update their withholding amount.

The Idaho Tax Commission says if you want a bigger refund, or to make sure you don’t have to pay taxes next year, update your W-4 now. They have copies of the form on their website.

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