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Boise School Board Threatens To Leave State Organization

Boise School District

The Boise School District has a beef with the Idaho School Boards Association.  At issue is the ISBA’s endorsement of Proposition 1 on Idaho’s November ballot. Prop 1 asks voters if they want to keep the law that restricts collective bargaining for teachers and eliminates long term contracts. Boise School Board president A. J. Balukoff says the ISBA president said in August the organization was split on the ballot referenda and would not take a position.

“And then on September 7th  the executive board met and voted to endorse proposition one,” Balukoff says. “And that was without surveying the membership to see how we felt.”

Balukoff says Boise Board members are upset with the entire ISBA executive board.  But the letter it is writing now calls for action to be taken against executive director Karen Echeverria. The letter alleges Echeverria used deception to make her personal views the position the organization. Echeverria has not yet returned a request for an interview.

Balukoff says the Boise School Board is not likely to do anything in a Monday night meeting beyond finishing the letter and voting to send it. But the current draft says if the School Board’s Association doesn’t take action to correct the situation, Boise will leave the organization.

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