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University Of Idaho, Boise State Report Declining Enrollment

Emilie Ritter Saunders
Boise State Public Radio

Two of Idaho's largest universities reported enrollment declines this year.

Boise State University saw its total students during the fall semester sag to 22,003 from 22,678 last year, a drop of 3 percent.

Meanwhile, the University of Idaho said its overall enrollment plunged nearly 5.2 percent to 11,844, from 12,493.

Both schools sought to put a positive spin on declining enrollments.

BSU, the state's largest public university by enrollment, says its new freshman class is smaller than last year, but better prepared and more focused on earning a degree than ever before.

It says the students it lost were largely non-degree and part-timers.

The University of Idaho says it saw increases in freshman students and new graduate students, as well as more students from countries other than the United States.