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Teacher Salaries Up 5 Percent, Two Years Into Career Ladder

Idaho Ed News

Idaho’s average teacher salary has increased by slightly more than 5 percent since 2015, when the state adopted a five-year plan to boost pay.

Like many averages, this number tells only part of the story.

In 26 districts and charters across Idaho, average salaries increased by more than 10 percent. In 19 districts and charters, the average actually decreased — which happens when experienced teachers retire or resign, and entry-level teachers take their place.

And as legislators consider putting another $62 million into its teacher career ladder initiative, district policies are also all over the spectrum.

Some administrators have eagerly embraced the new salary schedule — and Madison School District Superintendent Geoffrey Thomas says the career ladder has provided his staff with some much-needed hope for the future. Other districts have been unwilling or unable to adopt the career ladder’s guidelines, putting the influx of state dollars into their old salary schedules.


After two years, and a $75 million infusion of new state money, Idaho’s average teacher salary now stands at $46,439. In 2014-15 — before the career ladder law went into effect — that average was $44,205.

Using State Department of Education data, Idaho Education News further analyzed salary trends across the state. (Click here to download our table and see how your school district or charter school stacks up.)

Salaries still vary widely across the state. In the affluent Blaine County School District, the average salary is $71,669. In 20 districts and charters, the average salary lags below $40,000.

Click here to read the entire story from Idaho Ed News.

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