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Bill Would Make Idaho School Districts Wait A Year Between Bond Elections

Rep. Heather Scott

Idaho lawmakers are considering a bill that would force school districts, and other taxing entities, to take a year-long breather between each attempt to pass a bond.

Legislators who support the bill say school districts will bring back a bond before voters, again and again, until they get it passed. They call that “aggressive” and say voters’ voices are being ignored.

“The school board should take a time out, should take a deep breath, take a year to cool off and bring back a better proposal at that time for their constituents, that’s what the sponsor of the bill is saying,” says Clark Corbin with Idaho Education News.

School districts that oppose the bill say it could be a problem in an emergency situation, like a fire or flood, and it takes away local control.

Corbin has followed the bill as it passed the Idaho House last week. He sat down with Samantha Wright to explain the thinking behind the measure.

Find Samantha Wright on Twitter @samwrightradio

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