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New Study Looks At Idaho's Education System

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Thursday Idaho Business for Education and HP Inc. released the results of their statewide study on education and the economy.

Nearly 2,000 teachers, businesses, government representatives and school leaders shared their opinion on the changing needs of education and the future workforce.

Idaho Business for Education President and CEO Rod Gramer says he considers the study a map.

“It’s not telling us how to get to the destination, it's telling us, 'here is the map, here are some things that are important, here are some things you need to address," Gramer says. "It’s now going to be up to all of us Idahoans to take this and move forward and really set our kids up for the success in school, work and life that they need,” says Grammer.

One of the findings from the study showed that despite Idaho’s increasing growth, educational improvements have lagged behind. These short-falls were found in research funding, the go-on to college rate, tertiary completion rates and childhood literacy.

The full study, along with recommendations, will be published in early August.

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