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Three Pacific Hurricanes To Bring Cooler Weather To Idaho

National Weather Service Boise
The remains of three hurricanes in the Pacific will bring cooler temps to Boise.

If you’re going camping over Labor Day, be sure to take a jacket. It will definitely be cold and forecasters say some mountain areas could even see snow.

Temperatures will also drop in the Treasure Valley, thanks to an anomaly in the Pacific Ocean. Forecasters say for the first time ever, three large hurricanes were recorded east of the International Date Line at the same time.

Korri Anderson is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Boise. He says those hurricanes will cause our temperatures to drop 10 to 15 degrees below normal.

“Well they’ve pushed a big bubble of high pressure over the Gulf of Alaska and so the compensating effect of that is to bring the colder air from up near Alaska down towards the Pacific Northwest,” Anderson says.

The cold front will move in Wednesday afternoon and bring a taste of fall through the Labor Day weekend. Highs in Boise will be in the low 70’s. And the mountains will be even colder.

“It’s looking like Saturday and Sunday we might get some lows in the 30’s in the mountains and up near Stanley it might be in the 20’s in the night, so that will be something to look out for.”

He says the system could bring rain and even snow to the highest mountain peaks. But once the system moves out, it should warm back up to the 90’s in Boise by the middle of next week.

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