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Remaining Members Of Washington Wolf Pack Near Idaho Border Still On The Loose

Rachel La Corte
AP Images
Opponents of the state's decision to eradicate a wolf pack in order to protect cattle protest outside of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016, in Olympia, Wash.

Wildlife managers are struggling to find and kill the remaining wolves in a northeast Washington pack. The Profanity Peak wolf pack has been in the crosshairs of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife since early August. The state began hunting the pack this summer after officials confirmed at least eight cattle were injured or killed by the wolves.

In the first three weeks of August, wildlife managers shot and killed five adults and one pup from the pack. The department says they are still hunting six wolves, including four pups, in rugged forested terrain. The hunt has garnered national media attention and has been denounced by some environmental and animal rights groups.

Now, another wolf pack near is sounding alarms. According to the Capital Press online, the Smackout pack in the very northeast corner of Washington – along the Idaho border – has killed a calf. Washington’s policy requires four confirmed livestock deaths before lethal control is used.

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