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Crisis Center Will Offer Mental Health And Substance Abuse Services

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Southwest District Health is partnering with Lifeways to open a crisis center in Caldwell. Both organizations provide a variety of healthcare-related services, but this would provide emergency intervention for mental health and substance abuse crises.



The new Western Idaho Community Crisis Center won’t be the first of its kind in Idaho. There are already similar facilities in Boise, Idaho Falls and Coeur d’Alene.

Christina Froude is a project manager with Southwest District Health. She says that when someone is having a mental health crisis, their family or friends often end up taking them to the emergency room. But she says most hospitals don’t offer the type of care they needed.


"They might spend a long time there and might not get connected to the correct resources because it’s not necessarily a medical emergency, but they are having a crisis where they can really benefit from more individualistic resources," she says.


Patients will be able to stay up to 24 hours, where they would see licensed professionals. Outpatient care will also be provided to make sure they can find community resources for further help.


The center received funding from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, but Froude says they are seeking donations from the public to make the area feel more welcoming. She says the money would help create a common area with a living room, dining room and television set.


"Somewhere where people can feel like a nice, home-type environment where they can receive services and also recover," she says.


The center is expected to open mid-April.


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