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Woman Says Twin Falls Shelter Gave Away Her Beloved, Helpful Dog

A Border Collie, like this one found on Flickr, is in the middle of a mix-up in Twin Falls.

Margaret Boucher's beloved Border Collie mix is living with another family after a series of mishaps, and she says she desperately needs her friend back.

The Times-News reports that the dog, Hazel, ran away while temporarily staying in a friend's home and was picked up by animal control, then adopted by a new family -- all before Boucher even knew the dog went missing.

The Twins Falls woman says Hazel was not only a beloved canine friend but also a medical assistant.

She takes nitroglycerin pills for her heart, which often acts up in her sleep. Hazel senses the problem and wakes Boucher so she can take the medicine.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter says the problem is out of their hands. They say adoptions are final and confidential.

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