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Multiple Winter Storms Bring Potholes To Treasure Valley Roadways

Dean Shareski

This winter’s snow and cold temperatures have taken a toll on area roads. And it’s not just piles of snow that are causing problems. On many streets there are new potholes to worry about.

Potholes crop up every winter, but back-to-back storms this season have made these road hazards blossom.

The Idaho Transportation Department says usually there is time after a winter storm for crews to put temporary patches on potholes. But with so many storms so close together, they can't keep up.

Potholes occur as water seeps into cracks in the road and saturates the material underneath. The water freezes and the ice expands in the cracks, weakening the road surface. The road can’t support the weight of cars and potholes appear.

ITD is working on a pothole stricken part of Interstate 84 from Caldwell to Nampa this week, closing down some lanes and reducing the posted speed limit.

Nampa Street crew is also fixing potholes, as fast as they find them. The city is asking Nampa residents to help by reporting potholes by phone or email.

Here's a video from the Utah Department of Transportation on how potholes form:

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