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Boise Fire Chief Takes Hardline On Illegal Fireworks


Fireworks are an integral part of the 4th of July. While an important part of the festivities, fire officials in Boise say they’ll maintain a hardline with those caught breaking laws and shooting off illegal fireworks.

At a recent press conference, Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan was crystal clear.

“I want everyone to know, from the buyer to the seller, that if you cause a fire in my jurisdiction we will come after restitution and we will prosecute,” he said.

Speaking atop Table Rock, Doan listed recent fires stemming from fireworks.

“We had the Table Rock Fire in 2016, caused by a Roman candle,” said Doan. He went on: “We had the Edgewater Apartment fire last year – burnt eight apartments displacing people. Started by a bottle rocket.” He continued with several more fires.

In appealing to residents to be aware of the danger illegal aerial fireworks present, Doan took a very Idaho approach.

“I understand we want to celebrate 4th of July,” he offered. “And I understand personal freedoms, but where does our personal freedom to light off fireworks infringe on somebody else’s to have a safe home?”

Rather than celebrating with illegal fireworks, Doan suggests going to one of many public displays held throughout the region.

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