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Traveling To Or From Idaho This Thanksgiving? A Look At What Holiday Feast Favorites Can Fly

Alex Proimos

As Thanksgiving approaches, many people are packing their bags and hopping on a plane to get out of town for the holiday. Ahead of the Wednesday travel onslaught, we take a look at just what can – and can’t – fly.

At the Transportation Safety Administration’s website, there’s a list – an exhaustive one, that details 452 items and whether they can be in a carry-on bag, checked luggage or have to stay behind.

As travelers try to jam those final few things into their baggage, here’s a look at what homemade treats and delicacies you can fly with.

Bread? Yep.

Cheese? Hard cheeses are fine, soft cheese – if it’s extra gooey, probably check.

Cooked vegetables or meat? Shockingly fine.

Pies and cakes? Yes. Are you bringing enough to share with your seatmates?

Artichoke dip or other creamy spreads? It can be with you in the cabin, but only if you’re taking 100ml or less. Otherwise, batches of dip need to go in the checked suitcase.

Fresh veggies and meat? Yes. If you really wanted to, you could take a frozen turkey with you on board. Dry ice can work wonders – but only up to a properly-packed five pounds of it.

Grand finale: Live lobster? Actually, you’ve got options! TSA says to check with the airline, but while they can be checked, lobsters can go through security if they’re in a clear plastic container that’s spill proof.

You can see the entire list of TSA guidelines here.

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