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Idaho House Majority Leader Compares Diversity Debate To His Cattle

Associated Press

Idaho House Majority Leader Mike Moyle used a provocative analogy in his repeated criticism of diversity programs at Boise State University.

"Today I was checking one of my herds of cattle. I've got red cattle out there. I've got black cattle out there. I've got red and white cattle out there. I've got black and white cattle out there, it doesn't matter. They're all cattle," said Moyle during a July 24 GOP town hall meeting in Twin Falls. "You will see that my concern is we're starting to break us up into groups: the red cattle and black cattle. And that's not what diversification is."

Earlier this month, Moyle and 27 other Idaho Republican members of the House sent a letter to Boise State President Dr. Marlene Tromp, questioning the need for diversity programs.

During the July 24 town hall, Moyle indicated that he expects proposed legislation concerning Boise State's diversification programs to surface during the 2020 session of the Idaho Legislature, but he didn't give specific details.

Hear audio of Moyle's complete remarks on the subject below:

"I think we can all agree that diversification is important, but I also think we can all agree that we’re all the same and we should all be treated equally and that nobody is more special than somebody else. That’s my concern.”

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