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Here’s What’s Up With Your Question About The Stibnite Mine In Central Idaho

via Midas Gold
Historic photos of the Stibnite Mining Project on the South Fork of the Salmon River in central Idaho.

UPDATE: Mining stories are complicated, and we want to take the time to tell this story right. So be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss our complete Wanna Know Idaho episode on the Stibnite Gold Project coming in November. In the meantime, here's a preview. 

"My name is Fred Coriell. I'm a resident of McCall, Idaho. My question was: what impacts will this mining operation have on our greater community here."

Hey everyone! Remember how we asked you earlier in October for your questions about the West Central Mountains? Well, listener Fred Coriell won that voting round ... by a landslide.  

Fred rallied his friends to vote for his question, and his crowd-sourcing worked. His question took 83 percent of the votes, and received more individual votes than any question from previous voting rounds! 

As I began to dig into questions about the Midas Gold proposal (mining pun intended), I decided it was best to bring some help to tell this story right. Freelance reporter Monica Gokey will take the lead on the upcoming episode, which will show up in your podcast feed later in November.    

Check out my conversation with Monica to get a behind-the-scenes look at her reporting process. 


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