31-Day Special Enrollment For Health Insurance Begins Today

Mar 1, 2021

Idaho residents without current health insurance can sign up for coverage during a special enrollment period starting today.

Normally, people without a major life event like a job change, marriage or new child have to wait until the end of the year to get Affordable Care Act coverage through Idaho’s healthcare exchange. Many people qualify for tax credits when purchasing coverage on the state website.

The pandemic spurred many states to open special enrollment periods last year, but Idaho held off until now.

New sign-ups will only be allowed through March 31st. Of the states opening special enrollment period, only Connecticut will have a shorter period than Idaho, at 28 days.

Anyone who purchases health insurance during this period has to wait until April 1 for coverage to begin.

The Commonwealth Fund, a healthcare expansion advocacy group, reports other states have seen an increase in younger people enrolling during special periods compared to regular enrollment each November.

Last year in Idaho, about 25% of the 78,431 people who enrolled for coverage were 18-34 years old.

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