Boise State Sets Policy As It Prepares For Guns On Campus

Mar 21, 2014

Credit Scott Graf / Boise State Public Radio

Boise State University has released its preliminary plans for implementing the state’s new guns-on-campus law. It and other state colleges and universities have until July 1 before the law goes into effect.

The update from the university came in the form of an email Thursday from university president Bob Kustra. He says the school is in the process of revising policies and procedures and that administrators have already made several decisions. 

We will continue to ban openly carried weapons on all parts of campus. While there was some confusion initially over whether the new law would allow this, Idaho’s Attorney General has advised that the revision was not intended to allow openly carried weapons.

         We will not change our immediate response to reports of a gun anywhere on Boise State property. The safety of campus demands that we provide a swift and full reaction. Concealed weapons on campus need to remain concealed at all times — and anyone who does not hold an “enhanced” permit and is found to be carrying on campus will be immediately removed from campus and could be barred from returning.

We will continue to enforce our ban on all weapons in student housing, as well as in entertainment venues including Bronco Stadium, Taco Bell Arena, the Morrison Center and the Student Union Building.

We will be extra vigilant to enforce the provision that makes it illegal to carry a concealed weapon while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The new law strengthens this provision by mandating that anyone violating this law on a college campus will have his or her concealed weapons license revoked for three years.  - BSU President Bob Kustra

To help implement the new rules, the university has hired Vermont-based consulting firm Margolis Healy, which specializes in school security. 

The state board of education is scheduled to consider new policies associated with the change month.  

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