City Council To Review Animal Codes In Boise

Jul 23, 2019

With an estimated 68,000 dogs in Boise, it’s no surprise that the city is well known for its Fido-friendly community. However, only around 9,000 dogs have the licensing required by the city.


One city councilman thinks that lower fees is the way to get more dog owners to register their pets. City Councilman TJ Thomson says Boise has higher licensing fees than surrounding cities. He thinks that keeps many residents from complying with city rules.

Thomson says animal licensing isn’t about making money for the city, but improving the chances of finding lost pets. 

“The city really doesn’t bring that much income in from animal licensing," says Thomson. "Now that would change of course if 100% licensed their animal. The reason I’m so supportive of animal licensing is because of that aspect of getting the dog back to the proper owner.” 

The fee change is one of several animal-related proposals Thomson is floating.

The Boise City Council will review all of Thomson’s proposed changes Tuesday at noon during their Council Work Session Meeting. The meeting is open to the public.

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