Gov. Little: "Halloween Isn't In Our Constitution" As Idaho Preps For Trick-Or-Treaters

Sep 16, 2020

With Labor Day behind us, Idahoans are wondering how they can celebrate the next major holiday safely, as the question of what to do with Halloween is a touchy subject.

During this week’s tele-town hall hosted by AARP Idaho, Gov. Brad Little was asked if he had any advice on what to do about little ghouls and goblins roaming the streets next month on Halloween.

He started off by saying the question was way above his pay grade. But he warned Idahoans that interacting with so many children and adults is a high-risk activity.

Shortly after, another person asked Little why Halloween would be a high-risk activity compared to sending kids back to school.

“Halloween isn’t in our Constitution,” he said. “Halloween is not what we do to advance education.”

Little also asked state epidemiologist, Dr. Christine Hahn, to add on.

“None of us want to be the Grinch that steals Halloween,” Hahn said, adding that she agrees with the governor: trick-or-treating would be risky.

“If my parents had just given me a bag of candy and then I got to dress up, I probably would’ve been just as happy and maybe there’s creative ways to do this without having so much risk,” she said.

Hahn said the CDC could be coming out with further guidance about the holiday soon.

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