How Can I Help Out During Coronavirus?

Apr 28, 2020

Michael Kramer-Duffield had just moved to Idaho and was looking for work in the restaurant industry when COVID-19 swept through. He's out of work, but like many of us, getting antsy and knows he could be putting his free time to use.

"Public health officials tell us that the biggest thing we can do to help our community is to just stay at home," he said. But there had to be ways for him to help safely right now, which led him to ask Wanna Know Idaho

What can we do to help amidst the pandemic?

We called up Amy Little, CEO of the Idaho Nonprofit Center, to find out what she's been hearing from nonprofits across the state. What support do they need? And, how can prospective volunteers find an organization that fits their skills and passions best? 

We want you to hear what she had to say: 

Here's a longer list of ways to help right now: 

  • Offer to read books via video call to the kids of friends or relatives to give their parents some time off.
  • Deliver food for Meals on Wheels.
  • Check in with neighbors by writing notes or calling them.
  • Share accurate COVID-19 news and updates on social media.
  • Share friends’ virtual tip jars on social media to widen their reach.
  • Start a COVID diary to share with future generations or with the Idaho State Historical Society (here’s why the New York Times says it’s important).
  • Donate blood or plasma, especially if you’ve recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies.
  • Donate pantry items to the Idaho Foodbank.
  • Call senior homes to chat with lonely residents.
  • Join the Idaho Covid Mutual Aid Facebook group (and your county-specific group!) and keep an eye out for neighbors in need of things you can help with.

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