Idaho Kids Who Want A Bike For Christmas Need Your Help

Dec 10, 2018

A local group that gives away refurbished bikes to kids is in desperate need of some help for Christmas.



Every year for the past 12 years the Boise Bicycle Project have given away bikes to kids in need for Christmas. This year, the plan was to give away 450 bikes, but ...

“We actually have 507 kids signed up for our 12th annual Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway, sort of by accident,” says project founder Jimmy Hallyburton.


He said a deadline snafu meant they got more kids signed up than they planned for. Rather than turn some of them away, he decided to embrace the challenge and get bikes for all of them. And now they need the community’s help.


The Project needs 200 more donations of used bicycles before December 15, so they can fix them up in time for the Christmas Giveaway.


He says these are more than just toys to these kids.


“And we get them a bicycle, this ticket to freedom, opportunity and connecting to the community that they may not have otherwise,” says Halliburton.


They also donate a light, a lock and a helmet with every bike, so they’re also looking for donations to cover those costs as well.


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