JUMP To Hold Boise Open House

Dec 11, 2015

It has been called a creative center and a community gathering place. Now primary construction is complete and JUMP is about to open its doors to the Boise community.

JUMP, or Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, was built by the J. R. Simplot Foundation in honor of Jack Simplot. He died in 2008, and since then the foundation and the Simplot family have been working to get JUMP built near the connector in downtown Boise.

Kathy O’Neill with JUMP says the downtown Boise complex of studios, open space and meeting rooms is designed to inspire the community.

“We’re hoping that it will really provide an opportunity to strengthen and unite our community by bringing people together from all walks of life.”

She says Simplot wanted a place he could show off his collection of tractors.

“He purchased 110 tractors and steam engines at an agriculture auction in Billings, Montana in 1998 with this idea of using these tractors to bring the agricultural roots of our valley back to the core of downtown Boise,” says O’Neill. She says 52 of the tractors will be placed on the site at JUMP.

O’Neill says it’s more than just a tractor museum. She says it’s a unique, non-profit creative center.

“It is designed to provide opportunities for the community to try something new and learn from one another, to expand their imaginations and be inspired to find their passion in life.”

An artist's rendering of the JUMP complex
Credit JUMP

JUMP includes five creative studios for the community to use for classes and gatherings. There’s a kitchen, multi-media equipment and a maker’s studio with 3D printers and building equipment.

JUMP will hold three open houses this month, every Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. starting this weekend.

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