Meet Zoo Boise's Newest Residents, Kibibi And D.J.

Dec 20, 2012

Two female patas monkeys are resting at Zoo Boise after arriving on a late-night Delta flight from the east coast.

The females are meant as companions for the male patas monkey who saw his cage mate bludgeoned to death last month during a break in at the zoo.

A Boise spokesperson says the zoo received an outpouring of community support. The volunteer organization known as The Friends of  Zoo Boise have pledged to help raise $209,000 for a new habitat for the monkeys. So far, $75,000 has been raised. 

The two females are from a zoo in Syracuse, New York. The pair are sisters, one is 23-months old, the other is 15-months old. Their names are Kibibi and D.J.

They’ll spend some time in a quarantine cage before meeting the male. Zoo Director Steve Burns says they seem to be doing well. They began eating soon after their late night arrival, which Burns says is a good sign.

Correction: We reported that Zoo Boise had received $200,000 in pledges to build a new habitat. That's not correct. Zoo Boise has raised about $75,000 of the $209,000.

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