Online Community Observatory Comes To Stanley For August Eclipse

Jun 26, 2017

Most hotels and campgrounds in Idaho along the path of the total solar eclipse this August have been sold out for months if not years. But one group still has campsites available near Stanley. They plan to stream the eclipse to those who can’t make it into the backcountry. is an online community observatory that streams live feeds of celestial events. The site highlights asteroids, comets, eclipses and other space spectacles. Members can go online and physically control high-powered telescopes in Chile and the Canary Islands to take pictures and do their own citizen science research.

Michelle Meskill with Slooh says their goal is to make space accessible to everyone, no matter where they are on the planet. And she says they’re going all out for the August 21 solar eclipse.

“There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the eclipse and everybody’s very excited and it’s only a couple of months away now and it’s going to be something to see, you don’t want to miss it,” says Meskill.

Slooh will host a three-day eclipse festival at Stanley’s Rocky Mountain Ranch. They’ve booked a campground seven miles out of town for members of the site, and Meskill says they have 500 spaces left they’re looking to fill.

However, if you can’t make it to Stanley, you can watch the live, six-hour broadcast of the eclipse on for free.

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