The Water Keeps Rising In Blaine and Elmore Counties

May 8, 2017

Idaho Power has cut electricity to some places being inundated in Blaine and Elmore Counties.
Credit Dave Thomas / Flickr

The warm temperatures late last week are being blamed for rising flood waters in parts of Blaine and Elmore Counties.

The Sheriff's Office in Blaine County says runoff from the mountains is coming in quicker than expected and could lead to record-setting flooding. Parts of Ketchum are under voluntary evacuation orders. Over the weekend, the Big Wood River was flowing at the “major flooding” stage, and a family had to be rescued from rising waters in the area. KTVB reports flood waters in Hailey are covering neighborhood streets, reaching homes, and forcing some residents to sandbag their houses as a final line of defense.

In Elmore County, the Pine-Featherville area is sinking beneath flood waters. Several homes in the region are reportedly flooded out with others cut off by rising waters. Residents of the area who’ve lived there for over 30 years say they've never seen flooding like this. Elmore County Sheriff Mike Hollinshead says there's a lot more snow pack still to melt that could inundate the area. He wants to discourage recreationists from coming to the area. Campgrounds are under evacuation orders and many roads are washed out or damaged.

In an abundance of caution, Idaho Power has cut electricity to some areas impacted by flooding in both Elmore and Blaine Counties.

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