On The Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters:

May 23, 2018
  • Idaho prison officials ordered to release execution drug information.
  • BSPR's Frankie Barnhill follows up on questions about recycling.
  • An adaptable swimming program that instills independence in children with disabilities.
  • A Garden City grocery store that only sells unpackaged food.

An Idaho state judge ruled the state's Department of Corrections must release information regarding the drugs used in executions from 2011 and 2012. In recent years, states that use this mode of execution have been finding it difficult to obtain the necessary drugs and have turned to different cocktails of available drugs, which have resulted in prolonged executions with the condemned demonstrating clear pain. Idaho Matters speaks with University of Idaho law professor Aliza Cover and Ritchie Eppink of the Idaho ACLU about the use of these drugs in state executions.

- Orange plastic bags are now a part of everday Boise life and Boise State Public Radio's Frankie Barnhill answers your questions about the new recycling procedures.

Aquability is a therapeutic aquatic program designed to help children with disabilities develop "independence and ability, enhance health and fitness, increase self-esteem and improve quality of life."  We'll speak with Karen Morrison, the founder of the Boise-based organization, about using pools to help kids grow.

- The Roots Zero Waste market in Garden City bills itself as a "a neighborhood, bulk-goods, organic, non-GMO, micro-grocery store and bistro cafe."  We'll speak with Lea Rainey about both the health and community benefits of providing locally sourced foods free of packaging.