Why Are There Counties And Cities With The Same Name But The City Is Not In The County?

When Robin Fehlau was planning her move to Boise eight years ago, something peculiar kept throwing off her housing search: homes in Boise County kept on showing up, all of which were miles and miles away from her office.

She soon realized it was because Boise is not actually in Boise County, confusing both search engines and Robin herself. This left her curious, which soon led her to ask Wanna Know Idaho:

"Why are there counties and cities with the same name but the city is not in the county?"
Credit Molly Wampler / Boise State Public Radio

As it turns out, there are six examples of this across the Gem State:

Boise, Caribou, Idaho, Nez Perce, Shoshone and Teton.


On this episode of Wanna Know Idaho, we look into the history of city and county names in Idaho to help answer Robin’s question.


Click ‘play’ below to hear all about it. 


Thanks to Boise State Librarian and the Head of Special Collections and Archives Cheryl Oestreicher and Historian Judy Austin, and to Robin Fehlau for the excellent question. The 6th grade county song singers are Jada Kim and Olivia Edson. 

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Until next time, stay curious Idaho!



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