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On The Wednesday, June 27, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters:

  • Kids and social media.
  • McCall's alcohol ban, one year later.
  • Key federal conservation fund scheduled to expire.
  • A look at the third installment of 'Our Changing Idaho.'

- Social media may no longer be a new frontier for the experienced, but educating children about safe and responsible use is a changing dynamic. We'll look at ways for kids to stay (occasionally) plugged in while staying safe.
- For the third year in a row, the city of McCall will institute its ban on alcohol during and around the Fourth of July. The city forbids the consumption of alcoholic beverages at lakefront parks in the resort corridor from Saturday, July 1 through Wednesday, July 5. McCall officials say it is imperative in keeping the peace after business owners complained the celebrations were getting out of hand. We'll discuss the success of this ban with mayor of McCall and look at how it will be applied this year.

- The Land Water Conservation Fund was established in 1965 by congress to provide funds and grants to governments at all levels to purchase of lands for preservation and conservation. The program is funded by off-shore drilling leases and seperation fees. In 2015, Congress chose not to renew the LWCF, and it will run itself out sometime this fall. We'll discuss the role of the LWCF in preserving the West and its contribution to preservation and conservation in Idaho.

- Idaho's new identity as the fastest-growing state in the country is putting a strain on its rustic character: farmland is disappearing, home prices continue to rise while wages struggle to keep up. Boise State Public Radio is addressing these conversations with the five part series 'Our Changing Idaho.' On Wednesday's Idaho Matters, we'll discuss the struggle between Idaho's farmlands and the growth of its suburban communities with BSPR's Amanda Peacher.

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