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On The Tuesday, August 7, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters:

  • Why does the United States lead the developed world in deaths among pregnant women?
  • Boise State University's interim president talks about the upcoming year.
  • A former Houston homicide detective moonlights on "Cold Justice."
  • The United States leads the developed world in the rate of deaths among pregnant, delivering and post-natal women.  We'll talk about why the Americans are struggling with this statistic.

- Earlier this year, Boise State University named provost Martin Schimpf as interim president, replacing outgoing president Bob Kustra.  Schimpf joins us tomorrow to discuss the upcoming school year.
- "Abbey" Abbondandollo spent 32 years with the Houston Police Department - most of them as a homicide detective.  These days he works as director of security with St. Luke's and he moonlights on the side as a consultant with the Oxygen Network's "Cold Justice."  Abbondandollo joins Idaho Matters to talk about hunting down some of the most brutal killers of our time.

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