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On The Wednesday, November 21, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters

  • Thanksgiving Weekend travel tips.
  • How to be civil to relatives you can't stand.
  • Alcohol, family drama and Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Ketchum gets a new arts center.

- The airports and roadways will be jammed as folks head out of town to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family. Idaho Matters checks in withAAA and theTSAto find out how to save time on the road and in the air.

- We all have that uncle who loves to espouse the virtue of a border wall or that cousin who gives you the stink-eye for eating turkey and is eager to discuss the nuances of the killing fields of Thanksgiving fowl. Idaho Matters looks at ways to tolerate the intolerable on Thanksgiving . . . 

- . . . and because alcohol will surely play a role in dealing with unappealing family, we'll discuss wine and cocktail pairings that go great with green bean casserole.

- The Argyros is the newest performing arts center in Ketchum and it promises to deliver a "high-tech performance and event facility designed to inspire and enrich artists, residents and visitors from around the world." We'll learn about Ketchum's newest attraction.

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