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On The Monday, July 22, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

  • Should Idaho parents have to pay for full-day kindergarten?
  • Helping residents become well-rounded doctors in rural Idaho.
  • Idaho man exonerated in Angie Dodge murder case.

-Do fees for kindergarten violate Idaho's Constitution? And do they discriminate against families who make less money? A former state Supreme Court Justice thinks so. Gemma Gaudette looks at a class-action lawsuit to stop kindergarten fees and refund those collected since 2014.

-Rural doctors need to handle everything from emergency care to delivering babies. But Idaho is behind when it comes to finding enough family doctors AND teaching them the skills they need to work in rural areas. Expanding the partnership between St. Luke's and the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho in Nampa may help.

-Chris Tapp has been exonerated of the murder of Angie Dodge. He was jailed for 20 years in the case. New DNA analysis pointed police to a Caldwell man who was arrested, and confessed, to the murder. But Tapp still had the murder on his record until now. Idaho Matters gets the latest from Greg Hampikian with the Idaho Innocence Project

Samantha Wright is a news reporter and producer for Idaho Matters.