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Interview with Scott Simon


Scott Simon is well known to public radio listeners as the host of NPR’s Weekend Edition. He also is the author of several well-received books, including, Baby We Were Meant For Each Other: In Praise of Adoption, published in 2010.

Baby We Were Meant For Each Other tells the story of the journey, both physical and figurative, that Scott and his wife Caroline took to adopt two little girls from China.  Woven into the tale are the stories of other adoptive families.  Some are famous and some are not, but each family’s saga captures facets of the miracle of adoption.

Scott joined NPR in 1977 as chief of its Chicago bureau. Since then, he has reported stories from all 50 states and every continent, covered 10 wars from El Salvador to Iraq, and won every major award in broadcasting.  Scott also hosts shows for PBS and appears on BBC TV. His other books include the novels Windy City and Pretty Birds, the nonfiction books Home and Away: Memoir of a Fan, and Jackie Robinson and the Integration of Baseball.