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In Memoriam: Oscar Award-Winning Actor George Kennedy


This week we are mourning the loss of one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors – George Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy gained world-wide fame for his Oscar-winning role as Dragline in Cool Hand Luke in 1967. Over the course of his long career, he appeared in more than 200 films, including The Dirty Dozen , the Airport series, The Eiger Sanction, Death on the Nile, and as Captain Ed Hocken in the Naked Gun series of the 1980s.

But George Kennedy wasn’t just a fine actor – he was also a gracious, thoughtful and compassionate person who seemed universally liked by those who knew him. In 2012, host Bob Kustra had the opportunity to interview Mr. Kennedy for this program, and today we are featuring an encore edition of that interview. Bob spoke with George Kennedy about his memoir, Trust Me, a down-to-earth reflection on his life, including his difficult early years during the Great Depression, his military service during World War II, and his time in the Hollywood spotlight.

George Kennedy moved to Eagle, Idaho, with his wife Joan in 2002. In his retirement, he lent his presence to a variety of local causes, including working with students at area schools. He also was a supporter of Boise State University, and looked for ways to make a difference here. Mr. Kennedy’s wife, Joan, died last September.