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"Never Trump" By Robert Saldin And Steven Teles


In Never Trump authors Robert Saldin and Steven Teles, took a deep-dive into the Never Trump movement, explaining the reasons for the widespread and unprecedented intra-party opposition to Trump, why it took the form it did, and its long-term consequences. Importantly, Never Trump anticipates the impact of the Never Trump network on the future of the Republican and Democratic parties, conservatism, and American politics.

Instead of thinking of Never Trumpers as a single group, the authors help us understand the critical differences in opposition and why some elements of the party elite – foreign policy experts and conservative intellectuals – took a stance of maximal opposition and were largely unified in their Never Trumpism while other GOP elites – elected officials and many of the lawyers -- grudgingly came to terms with Trump.  

Robert Saldin is Professor of Political Science and a Mansfield Center Fellow at the University of Montana.  He is the author of When Bad Policy Makes Good Politics, and War, the American State and Politics since 1898.  He has also written for The Washington Post, National Affairs, The American Interest, and The Washington Monthly.