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"The Exponential Age" By Azeem Azhar

Note: This is an encore episode of Reader's Corner. The interview originally aired in April 2022.

Our guest today believes we are living in “the first exponential age.” With tech innovations being created at light speed and technology we barely understand remaking our homes and workplaces, we are being pushed into to a world that is getting too fast for us to manage it.

In his new book, The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics, and Society, Azeem Azhar offers a revelatory new model for understanding how technology is changing the world. From political polarization to ballooning inequality to unchecked corporate power, Azhar posits the idea of an “exponential gap”, in which technological changes rapidly outpace our society’s ability to catch up with them.

Azeem Azhar is an award-winning entrepreneur, analyst, strategist, investor. His work has frequently appeared in The Guardian and The Economist, and he produces Exponential View, the leading newsletter and podcast on the impact of technology on our future economy and society.

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