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"The Ransomware Hunting Team" By Daniel Golden


Scattered across the world, an elite team of code crackers is working tirelessly to thwart the defining cyber scourge of our time: ransomware. Again and again, an unlikely band of misfits, mostly self-taught and often struggling to make ends meet, have outwitted the underworld of hackers who lock computer networks and demand huge payments in return for the keys.

In their new book, The Ransomware Hunting Team, Daniel Golden and Renee Dudley trace the adventures of these unassuming heroes and how they have used their skills to save millions of ransomware victims from paying billions of dollars to criminals. Working tirelessly from bedrooms and back offices, and refusing payment, they’ve rescued those whom the often hapless FBI has been unwilling or unable to help.

Daniel Golden is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a senior editor at ProPublica. His previous books include The Price of Admission and Spy Schools: How The CIA, FBI, and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America's Universities.

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