City Club Of Boise: Human Consequences Of Homelessness

Oct 18, 2016

Belonging is a fundamental human need. Equally strong is the drive to exclude. This is what Seattle University School of Law professor Sara Rankin calls "the influence of exile," which transcends individuals when powerful groups use laws and policies to restrict marginalized groups. The impulse to exclude is visible today in laws that criminalize and eject visibly poor people, including the homeless, from public spaces.

Professor Rankin is founder of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project that conducts research on visibly poor people. Rankin argues against the use of the criminal justice system as a response to visible poverty, which she says damages not just the poor and the homeless, but society as a whole.

At this forum, supported by the ACLU of Idaho, Professor Rankin will provide perspectives to consider as Boise and the Treasure Valley work to address homelessness, and respond to questions from attendees.

Forum chair: Dr. Julie Robinson

Forum moderator: Bill Manny