Year After Opening, Boise Nonprofit Struggles To Raise $75K

Oct 5, 2015

The Boise Hive is at a crossroads.

The nonprofit arts organization has until October 9th to raise $75,000. The Hive serves artists and musicians in need of mental health resources. The organization needs the money for a down payment to buy the building they currently rent, which has received an offer from another buyer.  

The Hive sits in what looks like an average warehouse on the Boise Bench. Inside, the building is filled with instruments, recording equipment, and musicians who have come to rely on the nonprofit. It's been less than a year since the Hive's grand opening.

Executive Director Juta Geurtsen says as many as 25 different bands practice at the Hive weekly. She says that’s why they are asking the community to help them raise the money for a down payment, so they can make the space their permanent home.

“This does come as a surprise, but we have to deal with it," Geurtsen says of the possible sale of the building. "We really want to make it work and it’s really helped us solidify our vision that this is where we want to be.”

Geurtsen says some of the musicians who use the Hive include veterans, people without homes and some struggling with mental illness. When it comes to raising thousands of dollars in just a few days, she’s realistic at the same time that she’s hopeful. As of Monday morning, the nonprofit has raised a little more than $4,300 of the $75,000 they need. Geurtsen says she’s also talking with investors to help them keep the music playing. 

Click here for more information about the fundraising campaign.

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