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Idaho teachers earn below the national average and the value of their salary appears to be moving backwards.  We'll speak with the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy about a recent report documenting teacher pay in the Gem State and the Idaho Education Association will share their assesment of teacher pay, recruitment and retention.


The funding formula for K-12 education in Idaho is a complicated equation that was established 24 years ago. Idaho Education Association president Kari Overall joins us to discuss the stability of the funding mechanism and how it can be improved.

  • The state of the state's educational funding.
  • Efforts to draw down the cost of childcare.
  • Idaho surpasses Oregon to become #2 producer of hops.
  • Folk music legends The Kingston Trio visit the Treasure Valley.

Beth Pendergrass / Twin Falls School District

This week in Boston, the National Education Association is holding its annual meeting to debate new school policies. A group from Idaho is among the 8,000 educators there. 

The Idaho legislature has been looking at changing the public school funding formula. Part of the challenge is balancing the redistribution of dollars between urban schools and the rural schools that make up the majority of the state.

Idaho Education Association

After a statewide vote from its members, the Idaho Education Association announced its new president Wednesday.

Kari Overall, a history teacher at South Junior High School in Boise, will begin her three-year term as president of the IEA at the start of August.

Overall will succeed Penni Cyr, who is retiring after serving six years as president of the association. In a statement, Cyr said Overall is a passionate leader of the IEA and an experienced educator both in the classroom and on the policy front.

Idaho Education Association Adds 3 Top Staffers

Oct 1, 2013

Idaho's teachers' union, the Idaho Education Association (IEA), has hired a public policy director, communications director and central Idaho director.

Matt Compton is IEA's new public policy director. According to a press release, Compton has been a lobbyist for the Idaho Sportsman’s Caucus since 2006.

Dave Harbison is the organization's new communications director. Harbison previously worked for Scott Peyron & Associates, a communications firm in Boise.

Idaho Teachers’ Union Sees Big Membership Decline

Jul 18, 2013

Union membership among Idaho teachers has dropped sharply in recent years. Idaho Education News reports a 14.3 percent decline in Idaho Education Association (IEA) membership between the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school years. That is compared to a 3.6 percent drop nationally.

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Four months ago Idaho voters repealed three education laws through ballot initiatives. Now nearly a dozen provisions from those laws are working through the Idaho legislature or have already passed.

Idaho residents voted on three propositions to overturn the laws known as Students Come First. But the laws contained dozens of provisions on things like teacher labor relations and increasing classroom technology. Those who pushed for repeal say voters rejected all aspects, period. That’s how Penni Cyr, president of the Idaho Education Association (IEA) sees it.

The Idaho Education Association (IEA) Monday released a set of recommendations for state and local policy makers. During the two year debate over Idaho’s Students Come First laws, which voters repealed in November, the statewide teachers union received frequent criticism for opposing the laws without detailing an alternate plan for school improvement. The IEA’s new document contains more than 80 policy recommendations in nine categories.

Idaho’s Republican Party is not pleased with a group known as Idaho Republicans for Our Schools. It’s a political committee created to campaign for no votes on ballot Propositions 1, 2, and 3. Those ask voters if they want to keep the state’s Students Come First education laws which restrict collective bargaining for teachers, institute a pay for performance system and increase technology use in schools.

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A hardware store owner from Mountain Home is already getting to work in his new role as chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.  Barry Peterson was elected Saturday during the GOP convention in Twin Falls.  He takes over for Norm Semanko, who’s stepping down.